Reading Wonders Kindergarten Homework Assignments

Please look for Homework every day except Friday.  The only reason your child may have homework in their folder on a Friday is if they did not finish a prior night's homework or if class work was unfinished at school or needs to be fixed.  

Written homework needs to be completed in the child's own hand. When homework is completed neatly and all directions are followed, a parent or adult should look over the child's homework and initial the upper corner of the page. Always check both sides of a worksheet (ws) for completeness. Homework should be completed in pencil when writing and crayons when coloring. No pens or markers.

Your child may need crayons, pencils, scissors, and glue sticks when doing homework.

Each week small decodable and/or high-frequency word folded story booklets will be sent home. These are marked with a homework stamp or the letters HW at the top of the page.  The child should read it aloud to an adult the same day it is sent home. This will help build oral reading fluency and confidence. No need to send them back.  Only written homework needs to be returned.

Other things to practice:

Practice counting orally or with objects to 50 (1st qtr), to 75 (2nd qtr), to 100 (3rd qtr), to 125 (4th qtr) frequently with your child.

Practice identifying coins: pennies, and nickels, dimes, quarters. Practice counting combinations of these coins to 25 cents.

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

I FINALLY created some homework that would go with our reading series,

because I am in LOVE with half sheets for homework,

and I wanted to get back to using my morning work for

just that, morning work!!

I've completed Start Smart, and Units 1 & 2!!

If this is something you can use, click on the pictures above!

Leave me a comment about what you do for homework and I'll pick some winners!!

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