Rainfall Runoff Modelling Thesis Statement

The daily rainfall-runoff model, MODHYDROLOG, has been used extensively in Australia to estimate runoff from rainfall and potential evapotranspiration data. This paper describes the application of MODHYDROLOG to 28 catchments throughout Australia with different climatic and physical characteristics. Four simulations are carried out on each catchment, the simulations differing in the numbers of model parameters optimized in the model calibration. The study indicates that the use of nine (or fewer) model parameters is sufficient to give adequate estimates of streamflow, and the use of four or five parameters may be sufficient in temperate catchments and in applications where only approximate estimates of runoff are required. MODHYDROLOG is purported to be ‘physically based’ and this study also indicates that certain model parameters can be related to the catchment characteristics. However, it is difficult to estimate the values of some of the ‘important’ parameters, and for this reason, MODHYDROLOG must always be calibrated in all modelling applications. Based on the general results from this study, recommendations are given in the Appendix to guide model users in optimizing and determining parameter values in MODHYDROLOG.

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