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Emotional Appeal Used in Visual Advertising Essay

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In almost any commercial you watch today, you will notice that they rarely tell you something about the product being sold. Neil Postman stated, “The television commercial is not all about the character of the product to be consumed. It’s about the character of the consumers of products” (128). I find this very true. Commercials combine the use of sight, sound, color, motion, and often humor to put forth an effective message. Within a short period of time, these advertisements can capture one’s attention and convince one to buy their product. It doesn’t matter if the product has value, as long as the advertisers are able to make a consumer believe it does. Playing off of emotions is one of the most effective ways to lure people in because…show more content…

This is the point that Postman is trying to get across. It doesn’t matter what the product is or whether it’s good or bad. It’s all about the character of the consumer. They have taken the focus off of making a product of value and have put it toward making a consumer feel valuable.
In addition to the emotional response that advertisers are trying to create, people need to realize how this response is created. Advertisers use many things to capture one’s attention, such as: sight, sound, color, and motion. A commercial that I analyzed is a good example of this. It’s about a product that almost everyone has heard of. It’s one of the most famous pills for erectile dysfuntion – Viagra. The advertisement is pathos-based because it relies on an emotional response from the person who is watching it. In this case they are playing off of sexual appeal, sexual desires and humor. It makes the man watching it feel that if he buys it, he will be more appealing and able to satisfy his sexual desires. Using humor, the man will subconsciously associate the product with having fun
A very catchy tune was also used and is most likely used so the audience will associate the product with being young and energetic. The whole commercial was black and white with a blue tint to relate to the pill they’re selling. This use of color triggers emotion and is most likely used to imprint the trademark of the blue Viagra sign. The commercial has nothing to say about the

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Modern life is a very complex one. So, man has discovered many means to survive. There are many manufactures that produce essential goods. So it becomes necessary for them to keep the purchaser well-informed. The makers do it through advertisement. It is an art to reach the prospective buyers.

Today advertisement plays a very vital role in our daily life. This art is based on the principle of human psychology.

Needs and wants are the guiding factors. So, the businessman adopts such methods in order to attract the customers to his product. The advertiser also tries to create demand for the product, if there exists none.

Actually what we see is that good advertisements are the matured and ripe fruits of some clever thinking done by very sound and crafty brains. If the article is advertised again and again in a catchy and tasteful manner, it becomes very difficult to check temptation to buy it.

Uses-there are many uses or advantages of advertisement. It is a very effective means of publicity and propaganda.

We can get all the necessary information needed by us from the advertisement column of a newspaper. Advertisement can be done through many agencies. Newspaper is one of them. Other means are the radio, T.V. and handbills.

Another very important function of advertisement is that it has helped in stabilizing the production, keeping the standard of quality and preventing the fluctuation in prices. It has also helped in promoting trade and in creating demand. It has become a necessity in this age of science and technology.

Abuses-But there is another side of advertisement also. Some crafty people try to cheat the purchaser through this media. It rather becomes very difficult for a purchaser to discriminate between the genuine and spurious goods. It is a pity that in such cases the general public has to suffer. Even then no body can deny the usefulness of this media.

Some common medicines have become a household name through advertisement alone. Hence, it becomes essential for the government to keep an eye on this powerful media so that undue abuse may not be practised by tradesmen.



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