Civil War Persuasive Essay Topics

12 Ideas For Your Research Paper Related To Civil War

Writing a research paper on the Civil War is something that history students in particular have to contend with from time to time. It is possible for you to be asked to present this paper before you get awarded grades for your final semester exams. Anyone who needs to write this will find it a lot easier going about this task, by first of all paying attention to the useful hints that make up an incredible paper.

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The following are some good ideas that can easily help you achieve your goals as you prepare to write this paper:

  1. Describe the nature of the weapons that were used in the Civil War, and how they affected the effectiveness of the strategies
  2. Discuss the role that the African Americans played in the Civil War
  3. Explain how the battle of Gettysburg and Chancellorsville had an impact on the society
  4. . Explain the perspective of the Civil War from the perspective of the women who played a hand in it
  5. Explain some of the major causes of the Civil War
  6. Discuss the inevitable events that transpired after the Civil War
  7. Explain how the world of medicine was affected by the Civil War
  8. Discuss how important the study of the Civil War is to the society today
  9. Fast forward to the year 2016, and discuss the reasons that led to the Civil War, highlighting whether the same would have caused a war today
  10. Explain some of the important lessons that we can learn from the Civil War
  11. Discuss the important role that the battle nurses played in the Civil War
  12. Discuss, citing relevant sources, the turning point at which the outcome of the Civil War changed

All of these are really simple topics, titles that you can come up with just by having the slightest idea about the Civil War. With some research and more studies, you will manage to find so many incredible titles to write about.

Useful Advice On How To Come Up With Good Essay Topic Ideas On The Civil War

Essays on civil war involve discussions over a wide range of issues. This include analysis of groups involved in the civil wars mentioned, the motivations of the war between the involved groups and effects of wars. Advanced essay topics on civil wars can also involve analysis of interactions between these three factors. If the examiner has neither suggested a topic nor the area from which to draw essay topics, use the following tips to come up with the same:

  1. Identify a country in which civil war took place: A dominant case is the American Civil War, but many examiners might want students to do their searches. There are many cases of civil wars reported in various countries around the world, and a careful research can help identify them. This might only form a part of the topic.

  2. Research on the details of the civil war: After identification of the specific case study, the next step is to narrow down on issues such as the time the civil war took place, the duration of war, the groups involved and motivations. Make sure to specialize in one area in developing the topic, say "Motivations of American Civil War", "Why the American Civil War took Place." Notice that in step number 1, you found out, for instance, you are interested in analyzing American Civil War, and in step 2 you want to identify the specific issue about the war.

  3. Look out for the area of interest: Writing can be as interesting or as boring to write as you want, depending on the issue in question. If you are not motivated to look for more information while writing the essay, it is time to stop and look for a different issue. In addition, controversial matters such the political motivation behind civil war could be more exiting to write about.

  4. Narrow down on the topic depending on how available research material is: Students mainly struggle to complete essay writing tasks successfully because they can't either find out adequate material for reference or none exist. Narrowing down on dominant topics can help solve the problem.

  5. Consider essay samples: Samples are the easiest means of sourcing for topic ideas. They can also offer ideas on the tone of the topic and how long the topic should be.  Many of these sample Civil War papers can be downloaded online.


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