Argumentative Essay On Homeland Security

Today’s Homeland Security

This is not your grandmother’s world. Consequently, the security of our world has to change. You have to consider the risks from within the United States and outside of the United States. This consideration was greatly enhanced after 9-11. Homeland Security is the group responsible for keeping America and American safe. Their field is broken down into these categories: Aviation and Airports, Biometrics and ID management, Border Security, Counternarcotic, Terrorism, and Intelligence, Customs and Immigration, Cyber security, Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness, Information Technology, Infrastructure Security, Interoperable Communications, Port & Cargo, Public Health, Public Safety, Surveillance, protection, and detection, and transportation.

To discuss all of these would take an epic novel. However, some of them overlap. If a suspicious person were on a plane this would be what happened. The observation of this person would actually be under the Airport and Aviation, Terrorism, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Transportation platforms. J. Edgar Hoover would be amazed. The players in this scenario could be the FBI, CIA, Terrorist Division, Air Marshalls, and many more. All these people have to work together, gather information, and coordinate a plan to keep every on the plane and on the ground safe. You may even need the local fire department and police department to lend a helping hand.

The port group, transportation group, and transportation group frequently work together. And the Communications and Surveillance division work with absolutely all sectors to provide security. Some of these report directly to the president, some to the directors of the FBI and CIA, and some to local police stations. This field of Homeland Security is a multi-tiered organization with linking tat looks like a pasta dish.

Recent topics relative to Homeland Security are the Ebola virus, ISIS, and terrorism. White House security is also being reviewed, as well as, concerns about Russia and Putin. The Media Mujahedeen, DHS testing, privacy laws, airport amped security, Snowden claims, FEMA, body scanners, current law propels concerning Homeland Security, and UAS surveillance are also trending topics. The field is wide and expansive.

It takes a massive system like Homeland Security to keep America, Americans, and our allies safe. This world has many factions that have an agenda against the United States. The majority of what the organization does and has prevented is never even reported. The group quietly goes about the business at hand. You can thank Homeland Security for enabling you to sleep safely each night.

Homeland Security

In 2003, due to the response of the US government to protect its borders in the wake of the September 11 attacks (2001), it reorganized several government agencies to form the United States Department of Homeland Security which protects the infrastructure of the US against external threats and aggression.

The Department of Homeland Security includes, the National Guard, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the US Coast Guard, US Customs and Border Protection, US Immigration Services, US Secret Service, Transportation Security Administration, US intelligence community and Civil Air Patrol as well as several other minor government agencies.

It should also be remembered that Homeland Security does not exist just about terrorism, but also for emergency preparedness and emergency recovery to natural disasters, such as tornadoes, flooding and storms. It you think about the fairly recent Hurricane 'Sandy' and the amount of effort that was put into preparing for the storm in the form of evacuating people and providing them with information to rescue operations and the inevitable and un-enviable job of co-ordinating clean up in the aftermath, including liaison with aid agencies (American Red Cross), it all came under the umbrella of Homeland Security.

When you think of Homeland Security, it may be that the first thing that comes to mind is the threat of terrorism, especially in the form of air travel. But the US has four main borders, North, South, East and West. To the East and the West are major oceans that are patrolled from the sky as well as the coast. To the North is Canada, with several border crossings that need constant vigilance, as people who may be a threat to the US, may enter Canada, and then travel through to the US. To the South is Mexico. Here the border is closely monitored, the problem here is on a par with the problem that the UK has with the border crossing with Calais, there are many very determined people, who will risk their lives and that of their families to enter seeking a better standard of living, even as an illegal immigrant. But the Mexico/US border has another problem in the form of drug smuggling and drug cartels, who work relentlessly to make their fortunes by putting hard drugs on the streets of the US.

It should also be noted that the concept and the scope of the Homeland Security has become so vast that many universities are offering a four year degree course in Homeland Security. It’s come a long way in 11 years.


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