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...How to Make Scrambled Eggs A staple of almost every American breakfast, scrambled eggs are enjoyed by many every day. But, I’m sure everyone has experienced a bad batch of scrambled eggs. To avoid this truly unfortunate happenstance, lovers of the scrambled egg should learn how to make delicious, fluffy eggs each time without fail. There are many different ways to go about this, and one method I use when preparing eggs of the finest quality has yet to fail me. First, you must obtain your ingredients. You will need 3-4 eggs, about 1/3 cup of milk, butter, salt and pepper to taste, and optionally, cheese. Personally, I add about two tablespoons of cheese to my mixture, just out of preference. The milk will keep the eggs from getting too dry and will make them fluffy. The butter is used to grease the pan Beat the eggs until they are well mixed and almost foamy. Now add milk, salt, pepper, and the optional cheese. Beat only a few more strokes to blend well. While you are beating the eggs, you should have a pan on medium-high heat with a pat of butter to grease. Once your pan is heated up, you may add the egg mixture to it. As the eggs cooks, continuously stir and flip them. This step is crucial when making the difference between an...

Essay about How To Make a Cheese Sandwich

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Cheese Sandwiches have become very popular in America over the years. It is simple and easy to prepare in a short amount of time. Thousands of Americans eat cheese sandwiches every day. With so many varieties of cheese and bread to choose from who wouldn’t love it. Cheese and bread is food products that everybody has in their homes. People also have different tastes so there is an endless amount of condiments and sides. There are many ways to prepare a cheese sandwich; the process can be very simple. First, on the list of making the cheese sandwich you would need the proper ingredients or the absurd ingredients that some people may like. Obviously cheese is the main ingredient in this type of sandwich. There are several…show more content…

Second, there are several different ways to make a cheese sandwich. The most common cheese sandwich would be grilled but it also could be made in the microwave, toasted, with or without crust and baked. A grilled cheese sandwich would need to be buttered on both sides of the bread and then the cheese in the middle. The skillet needs to be turned to medium high and then the sandwich needs to be turned every one to two minutes depending on how soft or crispy. The microwave method would just consist of putting the cheese between the bread and microwaving it for about a minute and a half. A toasted sandwich means toast the bread in the toaster and then put the cheese in the middle. For personal preference the crust can be removed if preferred and then add the condiments. After making the sandwich some people prefer to have a side that needs to be chosen. Last, choosing a side to compliment the cheese sandwich is based on personal preference. Tomato soup is a good side dish to this sandwich which can be dipped in the soup. A standard side to any sandwich would be chips. Any kind of chips can be used as a side whether it’s sour cream and onion, BBQ, or original. Stew can be a main dish and then the cheese sandwich as a side. Since cheese sandwiches are simple and easy Americans find these very convenient to make. The economy has gotten hectic and everyone is always in a

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