Writing The Critical Essay Animal Rights

Tips for Writing an Interesting Animal Rights Essay

Tackling the subject of animal rights for an essay has its challenges.  For years, animal activists have demanded animals be treated better with equal rights like humans.  There are positive and negative factors on the subject which make it one of the most controversial topics to write about. While the subject matter continues to be a touchy issue, there are different sides to the situation that can be explored. Whether you are familiar with trending topics related to animal rights, you’ll likely need to conduct further research to understand how you want to approach the topic.  So, how can you make your essay interesting in relation to the topic?

  1. Decide what you want to talk about in your essay.  What are your views on the topic; are you for it or against it?  Based on how you feel about animals this can give you an idea on which topics to explore.
  2. Research animal rights to understand what they are and why so much controversy has been raised in this area.  The more you learn, the more informed your essay will be.  Animal rights have a deep divide in which some think animals don’t have souls or think consciously.  If you think they do, you could research evidence to present to argue against this claim. 
  3. Read sample essays on the topic to get ideas.  You can view samples online or at your local library. 
  4. Get firsthand accounts on the subject from individuals or animal support groups.  As an interesting option that can be considered part of your research, you may learn about issues of significance that affect people around you.  A veterinarian, pet shop owner or even family and friends who may own a pet, may give viewpoints that can help you look at things from a new standpoint.
  5. Create your outline for the essay ahead of time.  This may help you get ideas on how you want to get started, where you should begin your research and ensure you stay on track with meeting essay objectives.  Having an online may help you organize your notes and ideas without overlooking pertinent details you want to include.
  6. What are topics of concern for animal activists who continue to fight for animals? Find out about common questions asked in this area that may lead to an interesting topic to research.

Animals Have Rights Too

Every living being has a right to live. God has created enough resources on this planet to feed and accommodate all the beings simultaneously. No one has the right to control or dominate anyone else’s life or resources for that matter. Animals are a vital part of our ecological system and have complete rights to live and eat freely. There is a wide debate across the world for protecting animal rights and many nonprofit organizations work to save the animals from starving, brutality, hitting, or overload of work. These organizations also implement plans and build safer environments for species that are endangered.

There are many different kinds of animals, some of them are easy to tame and keep as pets while others are man-eaters and can only survive in the wild. There are people in the world who have a passion for the wild life and they go after them to find the animals and even capture them to keep them as a pet. However, these animals only can fit in their natural habitat and will have irregular sleep and eating patterns if they are separated from their home. Many movies and documentaries have promoted this theme to help people realize that animals have rights too. They are living beings like us and have emotions and feelings. The only difference between a man and an animal is the wisdom. The rest goes same for both. They feel what we feel. They can feel pain, fear, hunger, anger, thirst, joy, deserted and playfulness. Many different religions, including the Christianity, lay emphasis on taking care of the animals and treating them gently. Even if you are supposed to use them for work like hunting, transportation, food, and safety, you should take proper care of them. Feed them well and allow them a proper place for shelter. It is never okay to beat them in any circumstances. In many tribes and areas, it is a common practice to mark the animals with a certain initial to show that they belong to a certain owner. This is quite cruel practice and should be banned. There are alternatives to show ownership such as tags, collars etc.

Animals are a beautiful creation of the nature and an important part of our ecological system. They should be treated with love and care. We should not beat them or deprive them of food under any circumstances.

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